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Community Life


Community Life

This page helps you gain a better understanding of community life for older adults and people with disabilities. We offer informative articles, frequently asked questions, related programs, and links to resources on other websites. Some of our information is hosted on the SCAccess website. If you prefer, jump to the SCAccess "Learn About" section on Community Life.

People with special needs, including older adults and those with disabilities used to be commonly shoved aside into some form of institutional care. Thankfully, in the past decade society has learned that most of the time that option is not only cruel, it is the least effective and most expensive. Now that we are honoring the desires of most individuals to remain at home or other community-based environments, we note that there are numerous challenges and concerns. Information resources can be found in this section to discover alternatives, products, services and supporting agencies to ensure that community life is fulfilling.

Additional Community Life Resources