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Long-term Care Planning


Long-term Care Planning

This page helps you gain a better understanding of long term care planning for older adults and persons with disabilities. We offer informative articles, frequently asked questions, related programs, and links to resources on other websites. Some of our information is hosted on the SCAccess website. If you prefer, jump to the SCAccess "Learn About" section on Planning for Long Term Care.

Long Term Care is a variety of services that are available to care for people with disabilities and/or chronic illness.  People can receive services to assist them with activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, dressing, etc.  Long term care can be provided in the home or as is common, in a facility.

Guide to Long-term Care Planning

We offer an extensive long-term care planning tutorial on SCAccess. That tutorial provides information such as:

  1. An introduction to long term care
  2. What you need to know today
  3. Long term care at home
  4. Long term care away from home
  5. More about Medicare
  6. More about Medicaid
  7. Assistive technology redefining LTC possibilities
Planning: LTC at Home

If you or a loved one receives long term care at home, visit the Seniors Resource Referral Directory to find potential assistance services.

Planning: Seeking LTC Alternatives

If you or a loved one are considering alternatives for long term care facilities, view helpful information on Choosing an LTC Facility.

Planning: LTC at a Facility

If you or a loved one currently reside in a long term care facility and would like to talk with an expert, or report suspected abuse or neglect, learn about the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Planning Long Term Care

What are my options for paying for long term care? (Please refer to our LTC tutorial)

You may also want to review FAQs for LTC Ombudsman Program