Upstate SC ADRC

Family Caregiver FAQs


Frequently asked questions about family caregiving

Who is a caregiver?
A caregiver is any person that is providing informal care (not paid) to an individual that is dependent of the caregiver for their daily living.

Can I get paid to take care of my love one?
No, you cannot receive payment for caring for your love one.  The program is designed to provide the family caregiver a “short break” in care in which the program is able to pay someone other than the family caregiver for assistance.

If I do not have a caregiver, can I qualify for the program?
No, a care receiver must have a family caregiver that provides care to him or her.

What can the grant assistance be used for?
Anything that the caregiver pays for that they normally would not have to pay for if they were not providing care.  This can be (but not limited too):  Respite care:  in the home, adult day service, facility, child care, after school/summer school, camps; Supplemental services: assistive technology, chores, emergency response system, home modification/repairs, incontinent supplies, legal services, nutritional-prepared meals, nutritional supplements (ensure, boost, etc) , and transportation assistance.

What is respite care?
It is a short “break” in care that provides temporary relief to the caregiver from their caregiving responsibilities.

Is there a waiting list for the grant assistance part of the program?
Yes, unfortunately there is a waiting list due to the number of caregivers and grandparents that apply to the program which covers 6 counties.