Upstate SC ADRC

Information & Referral FAQs


Frequently asked questions about information & referrals

Can you help me with my aging parents?
Yes. The specialist can speak with you about the kinds of services that they may need. S/he will ask you about their financial resources, health, physical/mental abilities and other factors that may determine the best options for them.

Can you help me get my disability?
Only the Social Security Administration can make the decision on your disability claim. We can give you direction about the application process (there is a disability kit that will walk you through the process) and assist with the appeal. The SHIP counselor can also give you information on what to expect if your insurance coverage changes from Medicaid to Medicare or if you are with out coverage while waiting for Medicare to begin (this may be as long as 24 months).

Is there a difference in IR&A and Benefits counseling?
Both can provide you with the information you need as they work closely together. The Benefits Counselor provides information, counseling, and advocacy to senior citizens, and Medicare beneficiaries of any age, on their public benefits, entitlements, and legal rights.  Benefits Counselors also provide public education on a variety of topics impacting seniors and those with disabilities.

What if I am a Veteran or the spouse of a Veteran, can you assist me with benefit information?
Yes. If you have already contacted your local Veteran’s Affairs office and either did not get the information that you needed or did not understand what they may have needed to make a decision; we can work with you to clarify the process or advocate on your behalf. There are many federal benefits, pensions for veterans, dependents and survivors based on discharge, service-connected, and certain benefits require wartime service.

I am disabled but have been turned down for disability, can you help me with services.
Yes, just because you were denied disability, does not mean the Aging and Disability Resource Center cannot help you. We will treat you like any other individual calling about resources.

Can you pay for a ramp?
The Upstate ADRC does not have monies for direct services with the exception of the Family Caregiver Programs (see their specific guidelines). The IR&A Specialist can check your qualifications for various local/State agencies and programs that may provide this service.