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Grandparent Raising Children Resource Guide

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Guide to Resources for
Grandparents Raising Children

More and more frequently, older adults find themselves raising relative children or adult children with disabilities. These situations can be very challenging. This guide offers suggested resources to help handle these challenges.

Help Understanding Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

A good place to start learning about support for caregivers is the Caregivers and Respite section of our Common Topics.

The document Planning for Yourself and Your Disabled Child provides detailed answers about long term care and financing options.

Organizations & Agencies

Call our staff and ask to speak with a caregiver advocate.

The Family Caregiver Alliance provides this list of South Carolina Caregiver Resources.

Other Helpful Resources

Visit the FAQs for family caregivers.

Other helpful websites for grandparents raising grandchildren.

A special needs trust is a specialized legal document designed to benefit an individual who has a disability. A special needs trust can be used to provide for the needs of a person with a disability to supplement benefits received from various government assistance programs including SSI and Medicaid.

Related Programs

SC Family Caregiver Support program offers support for caregivers.

The Foster Grandparent Program pairs low income older adults with troubled, disabled or hospitalized children.