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Long-term Care Resource Guide

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Guide to Resources for
Long-term Care

Whether you are an older adult concerned about the possible needs associated with a chronic illness, or someone living with disabilities, or just a resident planning for the future, long term care may be your primary interest in our website. This guide will help you navigate through those resources that are most relevant to long term care.

Help Understanding Long-term Care

Common Topics has a page devoted to learning about long term care planning. You can also jump directly to a detailed tutorial on SCAccess Long Term Care section.

The document Planning for Yourself and Your Disabled Child provides detailed answers about long term care and financing options.

If you are concerned about the cost of long term care facilities, you may want to review Choosing a Long Term Care Facility. That page includes several good links to Medicare and other agencies that help people make these decisions.

Reverse mortgages are a common vehicle that people consider as an option for paying for long term care costs. SCAccess provides an article for tips on reverse mortgages and All About Seniors provides this list of current reverse mortgage programs.

Organizations & Agencies

The South Carolina Department of Insurance (DOI) provides this page on long term care insurance.

There are many vendors of long term care insurance. Our agency does not recommend one vendor over another. We suggest that you use Internet search engines or your trusted insurance agent to help choose the right carrier for you.

Other Helpful Resources

Related Programs

The LTC Ombudsman program helps residents of long term care facilities.

Volunteers can help fulfill the goals of the LTC Ombudsman program through our Friendly Visitors program.